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How Long Do You Intend To Stay Committed In Your Relationship?

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The Untold Story About Mary.

Without speaking in tongues, I am sincerely sorry to shock you with an insight into what I feel is a missing piece in the story about the most revered woman in the bible. Mary the mother of Jesus (to be specific) is really a woman blessed among women. While some make this of no effect, by… Continue reading The Untold Story About Mary.

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Why Living The Christian Life Is Difficult

Even writing about this topic is really difficult. Being In China for past 1 month has been hectic for me - trying to adjust. But I am glad to be back again to writing. As at April 2018, I started my journey to getting my masters degree in China. So yeah that's it. Alright, let's… Continue reading Why Living The Christian Life Is Difficult


How I Got To The Peoples Republic Of China.

I have been away from blogging for a month now. Indeed I am impressed by my stats of visitors-whom I think  love the things I share and probably looked out for new godly insights. Anyway I have good news for you. I have not been dormant either. Indeed I have been studying the scriptures and… Continue reading How I Got To The Peoples Republic Of China.

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Will All Christians Be In Heaven?

"Anyone who does not remain in me is thrown away like a useless branch and withers. Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned " John 15:6. You are welcomed to this blog in Love💕 What answers should you expect from reading this article? (1) How to meditate on scriptures (2) Is once saved… Continue reading Will All Christians Be In Heaven?

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Spiritual Nourishment 

Once as I wandered in the mountains, I came upon an outcropping of rocks, and as I sat on the highest rock to rest and look out over the valley, I saw a nest in the branches.    Climbing down to look more closely, I saw that the newly hatched birds had not yet opened their eyes. Without even being able… Continue reading Spiritual Nourishment 

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There is no Victory without a War

Why would you claim a victory when you haven't tasted war? Jesus would let you pass through the fire 🔥 but he would be there with you. You can walk through the Vally of the shadow of death and fear no Evil because he is with you always till the end of time.  The "name… Continue reading There is no Victory without a War

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Five Questions Christians Should Be Able To Answer

Have you been asked questions like; what is eternal life? Can a Christian sin? Is confessimg our sins necessary even as we are declared righteous? Such questions seem to have contradicting answers among Christians but I would try to simplify the answer from scripture.  ​The book of first John was written for the purpose of… Continue reading Five Questions Christians Should Be Able To Answer

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How far is too far before marriage? 

"How far is too far before marriage?” The fact that we keep asking this question suggests that we agree we need to draw some lines in our relationships. If you are pursuing marriage relationship, you are going to experience temptation — a lot of I must say.  I have recently been studying about building godly… Continue reading How far is too far before marriage? 

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Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

"Are bikini photos pornographic?..." Jerry asked his girlfriend. So over the week, Jerry's girlfriend who happened to be my one time crush back in the day (though I never summed up courage to tell her), came to complain about Jerry to me. Jerry is one of those Christians who would say "... I really love this… Continue reading Are Bikini Photos Pornographic?