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Tackle Doctrines Not Pastors!

The battle line is drawn⛳. The quest for truth has began. To my fellow Christian brethren in the Body of Christ, it’s time to grow personally in the Word📖

You see, the center of Christianity is Love😍. This goes beyond love for our fellow brethren but to the world in general.

Just as we have different faces🎭 and identical_Twins, it’s the same way we have different beliefs and sects of denominations with same beliefs but having different names – as regards names of churches.

Just because you don’t agree with maybe one or two ideologies of what A Man Of God teaches, does not mean you should hate him totally and count all he says or has ever said as False or even not want to listen to them anymore.🙋

Noo! That’s wrong. A man – even if he is truely called of God – although we have many fakes in the world, can make mistakes (sin) in Life, even in his teachings. Your pastor is growing everyday in the faith too. Just that many Christians don’t Want to grow themselves, but expect Man of God to be feeding them. So all they know is limited to what Man of God has ever said. Noo! That’s wrong. We are encouraged to study to show ourselves approved – 2 Timothy 2:15📖. The Man of God’s first duty is unto Minister to God, not you.

I have studied a well known minister, who changed the idea of a scripture He taught in year 2010 in 2015 – That’s the kind of Follower I was. He probably never noticed. I knew this because I really idolized this man to the extent that I started training myself to even talk like him – now am original I know clone when I see one😃. But you see, you can never be original that way.

This is why you never see me castigate any preacher – on my social media platforms,  but Rather, I speak in a general sense with a focus on the truth and revelation of God’s word. I won’t say am always entirely correct always. I still learn too and amend my theology everyday because the word of God is my Life❤.

Cool FM. OAP

I hear of a certain Mr Freeze in Nigeria whom I think in my personal opinion is really making many religious people in churches use their bibles. I believe his ideology is not about destroying churches but igniting in the body of Christ, the desire to study the bible themselves aside the established fact about TITHING.

Dr Myles Munroe
Dr Myles Munroe of Blessed Memory.

This only reminds me of one thing Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory once said – “… when you control the air waves and the media, it’s a weopon to brake the strong holds of the enemy. When internet came, the church rejected it as evil. But when the world took it as a tool to breed all kinds of evil in the minds of people, the church woke-Up…”

Instead of looking for faults in people judegmentally, let’s correct them in love as we maintain our relationships – It is possible💪. Let’s magnify the good in people and not their worst. But Remember that judgement begins in the house of God – 1 Peter 4:17. So its not wrong to point out what you feel is wrong in the body of Christ.

In the western world of more civilized people, you see clerics of even different religions, come together publicly to debate on thier differences on a platform. You don’t see them yelling at each other or throwing shoes at one another or fighting, like some National Assembly men do in Africa – Nigeria. All you have to do is present your facts and let the listeners Judge for themselves. There is no winner or Loser in such discuss. It’s more like a #Presentation.

But can that happen in Nigeria? Someone in the audience could even attack you😂.

images (66)
The Best In The World – HOLY BIBLE

Now let look at the bible and see. Did you know Paul and Peter had a confrontation in Galatians Chapter 2😠. Paul actually publicly corrected Peter. Paul was always Raw and Plain. The same fearless attitude he had as a persecutor. But if it were today, with Peter being more like the GO, how dare you correct him?😃

The same Paul had a misunderstanding with I guess barnabas. But Brotherly Love continued. They could meet in a council – like the Jerusalem Council, to deliberate. In our world today, ministers use their platform to course each other on the pulpit. The members sit and applaud them sheepishly.

We will always have our differences but let’s make Jesus the center of it all not us. When a minister makes himself the center of the church – as many members see them, you see people arguing and fighting on social media, when your GO does not even know your first name. We rather defend the words of a Man of God than defend the Word Of God. This is because we don’t even know the word of God to begin with.

Pick what you like about what someone says – that agrees with scripture and live the rest. Trust me, there are some that love the rest more than the ones you picked😃. Now you know why they are strong defenders of clear false teachings. It’s now all about what GO said.

Peter was being hypocritical to please the Jews but Paul was against it because he was called to the Gentiles. The bad example Peter was setting as a leader was uncalled for.

images (88)
They Too Can Make Mistakes? Yes

If Peter could make a mistake, who says the leaders of the church cannot make a mistake?

Your bible is not a Uniform for Church service or a decoration in the front of your car to show you are Christian. It is not even your protector against evil by being under your pillow. This is how religious people think.

When you go to the market to get one, no one would ask you whether you are Christian. The Bible has its value because of Us. When the word of God Abides in Us, we really become better Christians who can defend our faith in the Word and not in Man.

Think of how the PROTESTANT REFORMATION Started with MARTIN LUTHER – who was a catholic himself. He compared the very Doctrine he practiced to the word of God objectively and cried out. Because of the Voice of one Man, a realm of Light came forth to the body of Christ.


Thank You. 😀😀😀


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