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Hello dear 😀. Welcome to the continuation of the recent blog post on sunday 3rd December 2017. Incase you missed it, you’re just a CLICK 💡 away from catching up on  How Jesus Could Fast For Fourty Days and Fourty Nights and we cannot.  Interestingly, I would be talking about PARTIAL FASTING and LIVING A FASTED LIFE.  These are the kinds of fast we Christians can voluntarily decide to go on for various reasons – which we would look at in my next post. So let’s go straight to the point.

We are getting into a new year and I know many denominations will declare a period of fasting and prayer. I know of the REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD (RCCG). It’s normal for them – but how much do we know about the discipline of fasting biblically?  I guess we only know of 6-6, 6-3, 6-12 and DRRRRY!!!  – I wish  you heard me say the last part☺. 


When You Decide To Fast, Make Sure its healthy


In the partial fast, besides taking liquids, you eat only a little solid food, not the usual amount (Dan. 10:3).


During the period of partial fasting, you eat very little food, and perhaps no meat at all but only some vegetables and soup. You can carry out a partial fast for any length of time. Daniel in the bible, as he saw great visions fasted in such a manner for 3 weeks. When we decide to humble ourselves before the Lord in fasting and prayer, we can decide to maximally go DRY FASTING within 3-7 days but any period outside this, could be detrimental to your health. NO MATTER HOW SPIRITUAL YOU ARE, IF GOD DOES NOT CALL YOU BY HIS LEADING INTO SUCH A LONG DRY FAST, YOU MIGHT KILL YOURSELF – don’t worry you won’t miss Heaven. You will only arrive earlier (smiles ).


When you want to fast, DECIDE you are fasting. Don’t assume that since you haven’t had the time to eat – because of how busy you are, that you are on fasting.

The next aspect of our discussion is the FASTED LIFE. Now growing up in the faith, I first heard of this kind of fast when I studied a REVELATION BY KENNETH HAGIN (1917-2003). It didn’t really make sense Untill I decided to practice it. Oh dear!  It wasn’t easy,  but it was and has been worth it practicing.



When you keep such a fast, you are fasting all the time. Your entire life is a life of fasting. How is such a fast observed? You refrain from eating things that you like. For example, let’s say you like chicken rice very much, and it is your favourite food. Yet you deny yourself from having it. Such a manner of fasting usually also means you eat very little food. If you maintain this kind of minimal diet all throughout your life, you are living a life of fasting, which can open the way to a very blessed life.


When you fast you must pray. If you don’t pray your fasting is useless – you are only starving or dieting.


If this weren’t the case, then all the people in the world who are on a diet can be considered to be fasting. If you fast you must pray (1 Cor. 7:5). Fasting and praying go hand in hand. I always advise Christians not to go on a FULL FAST 💡 if they are working. They cannot be praying the whole time they are in the office. You could spend your off day fasting and praying. Then it will become very meaningful.



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