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Welcome to yet another insightful story as presented by the godly minds team. Just in case you have missed any of our previous life changing stories, you are just a Click away. Meanwhile, let’s get to the point of why you clicked to read this story.

Note : For the sake of privacy, the names are not the subjects real names.🙋


The Story

I would like to say this to anyone reading this story from my desk that am not against the use of facebook or any other social media platforms – I actually use them better now☺. But this is just an enlightenment to the populace of my experience, which I hope will edify and exhort you about life.




May name is Mrs Chidera Augustine. I am a married woman with a wonderful family. I have three children to the glory of God. This story I believe will tell the untold stories of many young family men and women out there. When I was in the University – University of Lagos ,Nigeria, back in the year 2005, the boom of social media had been trending. Almost everyone was on social media – like it was the in-thing.

I was caught up in the whole trend and that’s how I started facebooking as an adult – People were not much on Facebook then. Today, we have so many platforms but not many are as popular as Facebook is today. Name it, 2go, Badoo,Twoo, Eskimi ,I have been there . My life was practically on the internet. Just like you reading this blog, maybe you are really godly and well-behaved – according to your assessment, but I was not. Back then, I really had fun growing up. Yes! Am naturally intelligent and could pass all my exams, but I was also a clubber – frequented club houses. Saturdays were my major fun days on campus. It was fun hanging out with my “lover” – now the term is bae. I guess you just wondered, “Why is she saying this? Who cares?”  – just keep reading my dear.




I was very good in my academics as well as my social life – although I took my social life to the extreme. Like I  said, I really had put my life out there on the internet. Most of my pictures were put out there for people to see. I always took pictures each time I went with my lover to the pool side. I really said nasty stuffs on my status updates about sex, love and little about education or God – I wasn’t even that much of a religious person. I was just in between here and there. But my pictures were out there.




I remember, anytime I posted a picture of me on bikini or clubbing with the guys on my rather sexy wears, I always got more likes – then we did not have the love❤ icon. So funny how Facebook and social media in general has changed😀. I always felt relevant and happy when I got so many comments like “babe you are hot”, “so sexy”, “Can I know you more?” etc. My friend requests were countless. Then I got married in 2008.


You know how the story goes, once you graduate, the relationship graduates too. I actually did not marry my school lover.😃


Am just surprised that with all the knowledge out there today about relationships, some youths do not still have insight. In our time, not many people where talking about all the wisdom we see here and there on the internet and in our churches about relationships. So like I said, my lover actually travelled out of the country to the USA. In other to gain citizenship, he married a white lady. You can’t imagine he still calls me today to tell me how much he misses me – some people ehh!. Anyway that’s not the apex of my story.




Today my eldest child (female) is 13years. I am a deaconess of the church I fellowship. I work with an NGO. My husband is a good man. He is just too calm and humble (smiles). He has been so loving to me and the kids. He never lays a finger on the kids and they are still well-behaved. He just loves us so much. But then something happened. My first Daughter…..


 Never live your phone for your children, they could either spoil or it or know about your PRIVATE LIFE – Click to read about the private life post.


One day I was in the kitchen. My daughter picked up my phone without my consent and started using. She went straight to the popular Facebook she had been hearing about. Unfortunately for me, Mark Zukerberg decided to remind me of my post years ago. Guess what she saw. All my photos in the club, almost half-naked , dancing like crazy etc. were just available for her viewing pleasure. I could notice her staring at me at various intervals, but it did not occur to me that she needed to look at my face again to confirm it was actually me. I had put away my past but technology kept it. The bible says, he that is in Christ is a new creation, behold old things has passed away and all things are become new. That’s a spiritual implication of the past life we have lived consciously or unconsciously. Social medias as we have today,  were not there in the time of Jesus.


In this age, old things that have been put out there don’t pass away until you actually go back and make sure they pass away.


My daughter could not believe it was me, but again she wondered why she was seeing those on my Facebook account. She asked so many questions and I could not lie to my own daughter about my past. When I did those things in the past I wasn’t thinking of today. I only thought of the wonderful moment I was having. As I tell this story, my daughter seems to have changed in the home. She is still a good girl but a times when she is watching certain movies that are even rated her age, she sees the Americans way of dressing and she is like “Mum, what really makes this children dress like this – just like is saw you do in your past, don’t they know their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit just as you teach us in Sunday school? Why don’t you buy me such dresses to put on?”

You see my dear reader, I had trained my daughter with a godly and decent mind-set. I would not blame my parents for the way I was – it was actually my choice to be that way. I don’t know if she will forget what she knows about my past as she grows up. But I know I will keep teaching and showing her the right way of life. She will make her choices and might make mistakes. But as a parent, I will do my best to train her well and always love her no matter what.


hqdefault (1)


My husband knows about my past but never saw pictures . All I guess he could do – just like any of you in relationships, was to imagine and let go. I don’t know how it would have been if I showed him pictures of me smoking in the club or dancing at the pool side – with guys everywhere taking photos of me.

Today am a changed person and am blessed by the grace of God. Indeed you can observe today that YEARS are becoming like MONTHS and WEEKS like DAYS – ⌚JESUS IS COMMING SOON. As there are signs everywhere – like JERUSALEM  being recognized as the CAPITAL OF ISREAL by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 


Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression



Indeed I am happy you read this blog post my dear. You see, Apostle Paul once said;


When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.” — 1Cor 13:11


In the world we are today, the internet has become our best friend. We do virtually almost everything on the Internet now. We could use the social media to promote our business, preach about the kingdom, educate people etc. But we must be careful what we share about our personal life.


Paul could put away the way he killed Christians. There were no pictures or video tapes as REFERENCE POINTS. It took time for him to accepted into the fold, but finally he was. WHAT IF THERE WERE PICTURES ASIDE THE NEWS OF HIM? 


As youths we would naturally want to be trendy and relevant. We can be carried away by our peer groups to do things we might normally not do – that’s normal. But please be mindful of what you put out there on social mediaYES! We could use social media to promote our business, share the Gospel of the Kingdom, share about our personal life etc. But one thing you have to know about the internet is;  what ever you put out there on the Internet, will remain there for as long as you remember to remove it – that’s if you have a reason to. Take moment to think of tomorrow when you put certain things out on social media. I never knew i would be this godly as a mother. Today we have many celebrities we adore – some Christians do so secretly. We should stop to think, “Would we want our Children to be like the Jay z’s and the Minaj’s”.  This might not make Sense now, but we should understand that,  THE LIFE WE LIVE TODAY ON THE INTERNET IS A LEGACY WE KEEP FOR OUR LOINS TO EMULATE. 

Like they lawyers say😀😀😀 – “… with the evidence before me… “


Today Facebook reminds us of our past. Sometimes we are happy seeing them and sometimes we wonder if it were really us saying those things. Everything has its good and bad side. But WALKING WITH GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD – even when we go through challenges. 


Thanks for reading.

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  1. I have a similar post on my draft as The internet never forgets. People need to be wary of their interactions with the web. It can easily mar friendships as well as it could build connections. I’m not against having a wayward life, so long as you learn in the long run and don’t do things to the detriment of where you haven’t seen (the future)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well said oluchi. Of course the future is uncertain. We grow everyday, we learn everyday, we put certain things aside and pick up new habits. That’s the essence of life. Indeed you are right✔, our interactions with the web should be with care and wisdom. Long lasting relationship can be built or destroyed there. Thanks my sister. Quite insightful ✔


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