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Why Head For Canaan?🌏

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Before I begin with the topic for today, permit me to share with you my New Year Goals in the picture below, as I also say a big shoutout to four bloggers I respect. Some wouldn’t like it, but I call them “My Seniors In Blogging and In the Faith” 😀. I learn a lot knowing them and reading their blogs. Here are the link to their blogs – Nakas  ( we go way back university days)   Dupe (known her for a while. But love her Charisma) My Anointed Princes (I fell in love with her blog. Hoping to know more about her) and finally, Faith (She blogs great insights about life, fashion and her faith in God. She has good interpersonal skills I must say). They are amazing ladies. Godly woman are my best buddies .

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I would love to start my saying that I have not heard this preached before and  I wouldn’t give myself credit for this insight either, because am not the author of the Bible – 1 Timothy 3:16 . But I might be termed as being wrong since am not a renowned Pastor😁. The best I can do is thank God for giving me the hunger to search the scriptures as a lifestyle. That’s why I take my hubby  to my business premises to read during idle times. It’s really fun. 

I love business. I love God. I love his word and am not ashamed of it. 

So I have been studying the book of Genesis diligently because of certain questions I a times ask God. Recently,  I had one question about Abraham and how he was called by God. Here was my question; 

📌 In Genesis 12:1 The Lord said to Abram, “Leave your country, your relatives, and your fathers family, and go to the land I will show you...” . So why did Abraham decide to head to Canaan

If you are Christian like me, I guess you are familiar with this story and the popular teaching that Abram (as his name was) just picked his bag with his wife and started traveling by faith – although Lot his nephew decided to go with him. I believe Abram left Him as instructed- Read Genesis 12:4 carefully. No wonder they later wet separate ways. I think that the “Traveling by faith” interpretation is not Entirely True even though it’s biblically correct. 

Abraham had a Preconceived destination in mind when he setoff from Haran – even though God did not tell him where EXACTLY he should go. 

Allow me prove that still from scripture. But please don’t just take my words for it. Search the scriptures too.

📌What I Discovered – Permit me to take you a bit backwards to Abraham’s Family ( Genesis 11:27-32)

That Abraham’s Father Terah decided to move with Abraham, Sarah and Lot,  from Ur of the Chaldeans to Canaan was not a coincidence.  Although we don’t know why he decided to settle in Haran, we do know that where they settled was not the Original destination Planned – Genesis 11:31. 

⛪ Although the Bible did not tell me –chronologically reading from Genesis chapter 11 , that it was God’s idea that motivated the plan of Terah to move from Ur of the Chaldeans, Genesis 15:7 gives the answer. We see God telling Abraham that He – God,  brought him out of the Ur of Chaldeans. But you and I know from Genesis 12 that Abraham was in Haran and not Ur of the Chaldean. So would you say God made a mistake? Not at all.  There is a deep lesson here. 


📌 You may not believe in God like I do. But nothing happens in your life God is not aware of

📌 Somthings happen in your life – maybe not directly orchestrated by you, but they are actually a reality of Gods original plan.  So don’t worry about certain things you cannot change. Just work at staying in fellowship with God. 

📌 God asked Abraham to move to a land he WILL SHOW him.  Technically, God did not tell Abraham to go North, East, South or West. But from the map below you can tell how he moved. An important fact to note here is that ABRAHAM RESPECTED HIS FATHERS LEADERSHIP AND DECIDED TO MOVE TO CANAAN – at this time Terah had died at age 250. There was no dilemma.

This is why you find ISAAC his son, having the same respect for his leadership in Finding a suitable spouse for him. I wrote an article about why women wear wedding veils.  You would love it. Click here to read and learn the origin of that practice. The STORY OF ISSAC IS FEATURED. 

Map Showing  How Abraham Moved.

One of my favorite authors and mentor of blessed memories once said;

When you do not have a clear direction of where you are going, anywhere will take you there – Dr. Myles Munroe

Thus, anywhere you find yourself becomes your destination. 

📌 God knew Abraham before he made himself known to him. He knew he would carry on with his fathers mission until he gets a new direction. And yes! when Abraham got to the region of Canaan, God had to appear to him in Genesis 12:7 to affirm his promise on the land .

📌 Where you currently are In life may likely be where God wants you to be as he prepares you for another phase of your life.  Do not despise him. Remain humble for he will lift you up in his time – 1 Peter 5:6.


After my secondary education from the seminary, unlike many other school leavers, I had no University in mind to further my education. I was just ready for wherever my parents would decide I go. I did not plan to study in Ghana – University of Cape Coast. But one thing I keep thanking God about till today is that I followed my parents decision. It was in university that I fell in love with the things of God and got the opportunity to serve Him as one of the leaders in a small fellowship. Walking closely with God for 8years now has been enriching.  I found out from studying this scripture, that it  was God who took me there and placed me with the right people to grow in Him. Praise God .

Also 💡

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God bless you. 

Laugh out Loud it’s  a new year. 👇



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