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My Temptation 🔞

“Everyone has a story or two about their struggles.  But I  wish temptation was a tangible thing, so I could crush it once and for all. From being tempted to be a drunk, to a porn addict and then into masturbation, which will then result in a promiscuous lifestyle. I have been fighting this and many more.

I guess you are the perfect example of a “Christian”, but for a young man at 23, there is so much struggle in my members. But I seek to renew my mind, which is the center of my soul.

Yielding to my mind, will and emotions is the thirst of my body, but I seek it to be controlled by the will of my regenerated spirit – which desire  is I be godly. This is why I still sin, yet I am a Christian. But it hurts me each time the Holy Spirit grieves at my willful sins.

Sometimes I cry and sometimes I fast but He still comes to comfort me. Oh what a Christian I am. I have been a slave to sin for so long.

Now I  am free, it is not to sin but to serve righteousness.  Yet my habits still try to rule my soul. But I will keep running to my Savior each time my old master shows up“. – Gentle_George

Romans 6:16-18

It’s not been easy trying to blog about my life as I try to bring scriptures alive. Sometimes it feels like no one cares about my thoughts but when I check my stats, I wonder who the numbers really are but yet they say nothing.

This reminds of the woman caught in adultery, but the man who was left to go free, did not come to her defence. She felt lonely until grace met her at her weakest point .

John 1:17 Tells us that Jesus came in fullness of grace and truth.

You might have lost hope of being able to get rid of that secret sin – even when everyone sees you as a saint. But if Grace found me and brought truth along with him, then I believe this insight will bring truth to you. I know you already are living by his grace and all you need is truth to brake free.

I struggled with masturbation for 3years. I could be off it for 3months but all of a sudden the feeling just comes. Sometimes I felt like I was the worst sinner. I used to preach – like I do now. Yet I had to maintain the discipline of not lusting after women – so I had no girlfriend and I am yet to have one (not like am thinking of that anyway😀). I bought into the false teaching that the act wasn’t a sin against God. But my theology changed when I started studying the Word on that subject.

Indeed no sin is private. 

What you think is personal today would one-day be a burden to someone – based on its effect . A man could be promiscuous today as a personal sin but when he is married, the wife will go through an emotional pain if he continues or even get infected with an STD.  We are all connected. 

It’s only lust that would make a boy of 18 try to sexually gratify himself, especially after having watched movies with sexual scenes or listened to sounds with sexual imagery of women. I felt so dirty and stupid after the moment. Sometimes I asked myself “what were you thinking? Why couldn’t you stop?”. It’s so easy to talk about this now because it is my past. But I would want my children to grow up and read this. I won’t be everywhere with them. I may not even be thier friend on facebook – to know the kind of things they  talks about. I wouldn’t be checking their devices 📱 to know what they have been exposed to.  In my Father’s Day – the 80s,

📌 There was no internet.

📌 Pornography was not easily accessible as it is now – with just a click.

📌 People go out in the dark to seek prostitutes.

During the day, everyone was a saint. Those were the days of “Afro Hair Style” and “Fela Trousers”. Everyone knows  Nigerias own Fela kuti. I loved the truth in his music even at age 7. When I look at Nigeria today, I still hear him in my  head..

If my grandfather arose from the dead today, he would die of heart attack. He would run a blood pressure if he puts on the TV 📺. In fact, He dare not step outside. 😀 – writer smiles 

We understand the world is changing by the day. Men and Women are going back to the Adamic era. I hope we don’t see people In sound mind, walking naked in broaddaylight tomorrow. All in the name of fashion.

I know there is nothing godly about this photo. But is  this one of the reasons I say the world is going back instead of moving forward. I Hope this doesn’t get to Africa. Am sorry for the imaginary Ladies. As a guy it doesn’t move me. I Just wanted to show you what’s happening out there.

📌So How did I Fight My temptations as I still do?  Know your enemies strategy. 

I discovered from my research on me that the devil has not changed one bit. So I had to go back to the book of beginnings- where I have made amazing discoveries like why Adam headed for Canaan. Click Here💕 to  see that article.


📌 So what do I think is Temptation?

I believe it is Satan’s invitation to give in to his kind of life and give up on God’s kind of life. Ever since he succeeded with Eve, he has been busy getting people to sin.

📌 What is the strategy?

Satan made Eve forget all what God had given her and instead focus on what God had forbidden. He implied God was stingy and selfish. No wonder Oprah Winfrey is not comfortable with the idea God being a Jealous God. I see it as his love for us but she sees it as hate for our own will to manifest. We fall into trouble too when we dwell on what God forbids rather than the countless blessings and promises God has given us.

You might be tempted to steal because the focus is on lack. But when the focus is on God’s supply, he would inspire your creativity to the principle of work. Click Here 💕 to read the principle.

📌 Satan uses a sincere motive to tempt us.

 He said to Eve “You will be like God”. It wasn’t wrong to be like God. To become more like God is humanity’s highest goal. It is what we are supposed to do. But Satan was misleading. He told her that she could become more like God by defying God’s authority, by taking God’s place to decide what is best for her life. In effect he told her to become her own god.

Back in the day

This is typical to what causes broken marriages today. I know of a woman who disrespects the authority of her husband in the home – not like women are slaves. No. A woman is a Queen. To cut the long story short, she is no more married to the man – having had five kids. She divorced her husband. Today she regrets her actions be pride wouldn’t let her say she is sorry.

Sexual gratification is a sincere motive but have been restricted to a said time 🕒. 

 But the devil does not operate by God’s principle. So he brings to us ways we can gratify our natural desires with the idea that “so long as we use a condom or just fondle with our genitals, no one gets hurt. We enjoy ourselves since it is mutual.” In the real sense , we disobey God and tomorrow are not able to be committed or sexually connect with our spouse because of our promiscuity and addiction to self gratification.This brings me to the next point.

📌 Satan made Eve think that sin is good, pleasant and desirable as he does today. The knowledge of good and evil seemed harmless to her. People actually choose wrong things because they have become convinced that those things are good, at least for themselves . This was why I chose to watch films rated PG 18 because society told me it was ok.

Adam did not watch pornography or did God play a movie 🎥  for him to learn mating with his wife. The knowledge of sex is inherent In every being.

📌 Notice what Eve did: She looked, She took, She ate and she gave. The battle is often lost at the first look. Now you know why Joseph ran. Imagine if Pharaoh’s wife decided to Eve-Down – I guess you know what I mean😁. Even I, am not sure if I could stand that but I trust God to make a way of escape.

If Joseph ran, I can. 

Temptation often begins by simply seeing something you want.

Are you struggling with temptation because you have not learned that looking is the first step towards sin? You would win over temptation more often if you followed Paul’s advice to run from those things that produce evil thoughts – 2 Timothy 2:22.

💡Just like every genuine believer in a relationship with God, Adam and Eve felt guilt and embarrassment over their nakedness. This is why they tried to hide from God.

Now you see why the Bible says our sins separate us from God. It did not say it separates God from us. God still came looking for them.

So when you sin as s believer, it may be habitual like mine was. But never run away from God. Cry out always to him with a repentant heart. Jesus did not die in vain. He brought us a relationship and not a religion. Only He  can set you free when he reveals the truth about that secret sin we have become used to and seen as normal. 

I would have loved to advise specifically on practical steps I took to overcome masturbation. But I believe that reveling the strategy of the devil in a general sense – towards any sin, is a great insight. So do not be ignorant of his devises. If you have the same challenge as I had, you could send me a message on whatsapp and we would talk (+2349051862816).

If you learnt anything from this insight , kindly comment below so I know.  If you feel like correcting me on any statement you disagree with, please use the comments section too. I am always willing to learn.

My name on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is Gentle_George. There are no two of me on this planet as long as social media is concerned😀. So Let’s get interactive. See you when I share my next insight. I LOVE YOU.


20 thoughts on “My Temptation 🔞”

  1. This is a really beautiful article! Wow. Great job!!!
    I love this blog too💕 The way you used scriptures, pictures, and gifs to bring your thoughts to life is really awesome! God bless you dear and keep posting, you are touching lives (silently) even if you don’t know!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, this is a very insightful and thorough read. God bless you and More grace. No temptation is uncommon to man and God is faithful to always make a way of escape. May we keep finding our way back to him. Amen


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