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Why Men Desire To Rule Over Women In Marriage 🔓

💡​To the woman he said, “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” – I will talk about the Child bearing part in a future article .

Just like the popular John 3:16 verse of scripture, Genesis 3:16 is a popular most misinterpreted verse of scripture. What if I proved to you that it is not God’s agenda for a man to rule over a woman? Sit back an learn from this insight. And if you see the truth in this revelation, remember to share. 

I always look up to God for inspiration⛪

Brief intro : My social media name is Gentle_George but my real name is George. Am a Business Man and a Student of the Bible. 

Are you a lady reading this? Please do not get excited too soon. This is not geared at battering the men – because I am  man too – writer smiles 😁. My intention is to bring clarity of scripture. Thanks to Pastor John Piper – one of my friends and mentor for starting off this subject. I have learnt a great deal from him too. You could visit his “Website” to learn about him. 

📌 The Translation of Genesis 3:16.

OK, I personally believe a more clearer  translation from the New Living Translation and other Bible translations – although kjv isn’t wrong. It says “…And you (the woman) will desire to control your husband,…” 

💡Hold on, while I try to prove this translation👇. 

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Moses adds the words “male and female” to make sure that no one makes the mistake of thinking that the word “man” in this verse (“he created man in his own image”) refers only to the male human and not to the female human. The same point is made in Genesis 5:1-2.

💡We first have to understand that God created the male and female in his own image. This implies equality of dignity – 1 Peter 2:17 and  a unified destiny 1 Peter 3:7.

What you see in Genesis 3:16 is a description of the curse and misery, not a model for marriage.

To prove the above statement – which you will find in other translations of the Bible anyway, I would love to take you into the minds of Bible translators. 

Take a look at Genesis 4:7. Here, God is warning Cain about his resentment and anger against Abel. God tells him that sin is about to get the upper hand in his life. Notice at the end of the verse 7: “Sin is crouching at the door; its desire is for you, but you must master it [literally: you shall ruleover it].”

I checked the strongs concordance of the Bible and found a great similarity. Bot verses have the same Hebrew Word – teshûqâh. Am not a Scholar in Hebrew but I knew from the seminary that no two Hebrew words mean the same thing. So when a word like “tesh-oo-kaw” (pronounced)  is used, they have the same meaning.

This is important to see. It shows us more clearly what is meant by “desire.” When 4:7 says that sin is crouching at the door of Cain’s heart and that its desire is for him, it means that sin wants to overpower him. It wants to defeat him and subdue him and make him the slave of sin. You would understand this more, if you read My Temptation Story

So when it says, “Your desire shall be for your husband,” it means that;

When sin has the upper hand in woman, she will desire to overpower or subdue or exploit man. And when sin has the upper hand in man, he will respond in like manner and with his strength subdue her, or rule over her.

💡So when I see women fighting for dominance and men putting a defensive male pride, it only validates the word of God. The world is without sin. When Jesus was asked about divorce In the Bible, the first statement he made was taking back to the beginning. Indeed it wasn’t so from the beginning. But since sin has entered the world, he permitted divorce on the ground is Infidelity. Matthew 19:8

If anyone who marries a divorce woman commits adultery, do you think that Jesus not abolishing the permission by Moses in the law means that God sees them as divorced? Matthew 5:32

📌 JOHN PIPER made the following statements which I totally agree with. He said: “”

As a rule men have more brute strength than women and so they can rape and abuse and threaten and sit around and snap their finger. It’s fashionable to say those sorts of things today. But it’s just as true that women are sinners. We are in God’s image, male and female; and we are depraved, male and female. Women may not have as much brute strength as men, but she knows ways to subdue him. She can very often run circles around him with her words and where her words fail, she knows the weakness of his lust.

If you have any doubts about the power of sinful woman to control sinful man, just reflect for a moment on the number one marketing force in the world — the female body. She can sell anything because she knows the universal weakness of man and how to control him with it.

The exploitation of women by sinful men is conspicuous because it is often harsh and violent. But a moment’s reflection will show you that the exploitation of men by sinful women is just as pervasive in our society.

💡The difference is that our sinful society sanctions one perversity and not the other.

📌 What then do I think is a godly mindset God desires we have ? 

Aside my personal ideology that “two kings 👑 can’t take in a home” , the Bible gives us many models for a godly marriage. I would just tell you what Paul and Peter – the Apostles of God, had to say – As inspired by God- 2 Timothy 3:16. Lol 3:16 again😁


The men like me would skip verse 21 and start from 22.😁 But we both notice that he first verse says we should submit to one another

Paul used 3 verses to explain submission for wives (22-24) but he used 9 verses to explain submission for husbands ( 25-33).

Mathematically, 3 x 3 = 9. To me I would say the husband is supposed to love the wife three times more than she submits to his leadership as his Queen 👑.  We notice this, when the king saved his wife Esther from death – when she came to his presence uninvited. 

I believe every woman should read the book of Esther. Preached about Esther Twice on Campus. There are lots of lessons from her life. A woman who does not understand submission, wouldn’t fast for 3days in submission to God before embarking on a risky move. She still respected the leadership of her husband but took a worthy risk.




When a man and a woman truly submit to God, they become more willing to obey his command and submit to others, that is, to subordinate their rights to another.


In a marriage relationship, spouses are called to submit to one another. For the husband, this means putting aside his own interest in order to care for the wife. For the wife, this means willingly following her husband’s leadership in Christ

💡Submission is rarely a problem I’m homes where both partners have a strong relationship with Christ and each is concerned about each others happiness.

My Dream Family. Just one more Girl. 😁


Just as Paul, he starts with the wives and ends with just one verse for the husbands. Peter by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit answers the popular arguments couples have. 

💡What If my spouse is not a Christian or does not love me (for the women) or does not respect my leadership (for the men)?

I usually ask such people a simple question too. Even Jesus answered a question with a question before 😁. 

What did you do to deserve the death of Jesus for your sins? The day you find out why you deserve his grace, you have my full support to divorce your spouse.

Peter advises the women that even if their husbands do not obey the gospel, their godly character – despite the situation, is what God seeks. The simple act of respecting him – no mater your differences could even win him over or change him.  You payback evil with good. But we know it’s not easy.

Peter uses one verse to tell we the men that:

💡Women are our Equal partners even though they are weaker.

💡 No matter how they behave as our wife, we must love them (just like Hosea Loved the worst kind of woman) . 

💡So that nothing will hinder our prayers from coming before God, we are advised to love them no matter how disrespectful, loquacious or however they can be. Love them 3 times more. 

I do not have the best daddy in the world but my mum is a good example of the biblical wife. Despite my father’s unloving attitude a times, she ever respects him. 

If you learnt anything from this insight , kindly comment below so I know.  If you feel like correcting me on any statement you disagree with, please use the comments section too. I am always willing to learn.

My name on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is Gentle_George. There are no two of me on this planet as long as social media is concerned😀. So Let’s get interactive. See you when I share my next insight. I LOVE YOU.

👇Notice! Notice! Notice!

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