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The Bible Is Funny💕 – The Story 

Every second spent reading the Bible is an investment because, how informed you are defines how transformed you can be. 

​Have you ever had that moment when you just burst into serious laughter while reading the bible – persons around you could think you are crazy. How in earth could the Bible be funny?. Okay! , Here is someone who does it almost every time – sometimes I just smile quietly. I tend to laugh when I  am able to see correlations in scripture – I do not intend to be prideful,  but I invest hours learning from my master. Sometimes I play the stories of the bible in my mind, That is where all the fun comes. 

I think the Word, ‘bible’ means; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

So I just felt like going over the bible again this year. I have been studying about the family of Abraham very closely. It was in the process I got to find out that when God called Abraham to move from Haran to a land he would show him, Abraham decided to head to Canaan because of his father. Click Here to learn more.

Like father like Son” is a popular saying and can be also proved from the Holy Bible.

Aside the first reference point of our dear Lord Jesus Christ who did exactly what he saw his father do on earth, we have a funny character in the bible called King Abimelech. Actually, this king fell a victim of a bloodline character of Abraham and his son Isaac.  

💡Build yourself to become who you would be proud to see your loins replicate tomorrow. They may never know you did so but imagine hoe you would feel seeing them do what you do now. Be it secretly or publicly. 

In Genesis Chapter 20, we see father Abraham so fearful for his life that he had to tell a half-truth the the king. Guess what he said! – writer smiles, he termed Sarah as his sister. Anyway I do not know if he refered to her as his younger or elder sister. But I believe the looks should tell.

💡 Did you know why he did that? Sarah was a very beautiful woman . Back in the day, one could kill a man just to have his wife. Abraham loved his life just like every normal human being. But if you have read the story, you know how the story ends. Abimelech had to hastily return Sarah to Abraham –  God knew he was planning to fellowship with her – you know what I mean 😀(writer smiles). 

💡God had to keep Abimelech from sinning against him because his attempt was from an innocent heart. 

God weighs the motives of our actions.

💡 You can do the right thing. But with the wrong motive, it is sin. 

Here comes the part that tickled my fancy. In Genesis Chapter 26, we  see the same story repeating itself in a similar fashion. Now, we have Isaac the son of Abraham deceive the same King Abiimelech. This is the point I thought to myself ; “it seem kings in those days really could not get their attention off beautiful women”. Isaac had married Rebekah and Off course, like his mother, Rebekah was very beautiful.

💡 The same reasons that took Abraham to Gerar brought his son Isaac there. 

Guess what happened! – writer smiles. I believe Abimelech sent persons to enquire of who Rebekah was to Isaac  or the king just had his ears to the ground about every beautiful maiden that came into town. 

📖If you read the chapter carefully, you would find nowhere Isaac and the king had a conversation about Rebekah.

It is good to learn from past mistakes.

 In the case of Abraham, the king immediately invited Sarah over to the palace to spend the night. But when it came to the wife of Isaac –, the king preferred to watch from a distance before making an attempt. Do you remember the story of David – how he committed adultery? Abimelech was already spying on Rebekah until he saw what his eyes could not believe.  Isaac and his wife were caressing each ther. Common! That is what husbands and wifes do.  Because of his interest, the king immediately confronted Issac. As expected, In all humity, Isaac confessed to  his fear of being killed. So in the real sense, Isaac deceived King Abimelech because he loved .

📖I wish you could see me laugh at this funny discovery. Indeed studying the bible daily, has been fun. That is how come I get inspiration to write a times. 

The greatest joy of a ‘Christian Hedonist‘ finding pleasure In the things of God.       

📌 What I Have Learnt 

💡Indeed whether you are single or even married , we should mind the kind of life we live. If we would not be proud to see our loins do same, then we should live transformed lives.

💡Always say the truth at all times so you do not lead anyone to sin.

💡Be proud to address your wife as such publicly. The bible says in Proverbs 12:4 that “ A worthy wife is the crown 👑  for her husband, but a disgraceful woman is like cancer in his bones”. Do not hid your crown, Be proud to put it on anytime.

Making the wording of scripture come alive through writing is my hubby. Please appreciate that. 

 If you learnt anything from this insight , kindly comment below so I know.  If you feel like correcting me on any statement you disagree with, please use the comments section too. I am always willing to learn.

My name on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is Gentle_George. There are no two of me on this planet as long as social media is concerned😀. So Let’s get interactive. See you when I share my next insight. I LOVE YOU.

👇Notice! Notice! Notice!

If you are in Ghana, call the numbers in the fliers below to be at this conference.  Prophet Sadhu Sunder Selvaraj is a humble man of God I know from India.  He is specially anointed by God for this last days . His work with God is remarkable. Try and be there.


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