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The Scars of Life 

Some scars won’t  come off no matter the lotion I apply. I have learned to use makeup – so no one asks why. We have to cover up some parts of our life.

                                          Jane. K

The story is told of a little boy who was scratching on a windowpane. “Don’t scratch on that windowpane,” his sister said. “Why not?” asked the little boy. “The scratches will not come off,” his sister replied.

Scratches on the human brain and on character will not come off either. Men are never better because they have sinned. Sam Jones was a great preacher in spite of the fact that he had been a drunkard. But having been a drunkard did not make him a great preacher.

It is better to be saved when we are young before sin has wrecked us than it is to be saved after we have been wrecked.

Where sin abounds grace does much more abound (Rom.5:20). This means that the grace of God is sufficient to save any sinner; but even after men are saved, they carry the marks of early dissipation.

Here is an advice from one who’s been through it all, in search for happiness. 

📌Young people, remember, it is better to be saved before you become a drunkard, a libertine or a degenerate, than it is to be saved after sin has wrecked you physically, mentally and morally.

Is this a license to live our lives anyhow we desire without pleasing God ?  No. The truth is that, once you are saved, the Holy Spirit comes to help you live the Christian life. You might still sin but it won’t be habitual(1 John 3:9) . You will constantly fight the battles of the mind, temptations will come, you will win some and loose some but in the end you will come out victorious. 

There is no victory without a war.

I wish you a victorious week as the devil will not succeed in his quest to make you sin. 

Find out about my personal struggle with the sin of 💡masturbation by clicking in the link. I am comfortable talking about it because it is one of my victories – ALTHOUGH I STILL HAVE THE SCARS, I JUST CANNOT ERASE IT. 

Always remember that, when you know the devils strategies, you can read his mind, remaining unshaken. 

I remain Gentle_George. Click to follow me on instagram so I can get to know you too😁.


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