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Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

“Are bikini photos pornographic?…” Jerry asked his girlfriend.

So over the week, Jerry’s girlfriend who happened to be my one time crush back in the day (though I never summed up courage to tell her), came to complain about Jerry to me. Jerry is one of those Christians who would say “... I really love this world but Jesus is Bae” like I wrote  about⛪. Also like my friend Favour would say, “some are one leg in the world and one leg out “😀.

About my Buddy Jerry 

Jerry is my fashion teacher. In fact I don’t know lots about fashion. Let’s say I  am just the church guy who believes “anything decent goes” but being on suite is my brand. I wouldn’t judge if Jerry is a child, youth or matured in the faith – as we have in 1 John 2:7-14. But all I can say is that “Jerry is a transparent Christian “. He does not pretend like I sometime do. 

What really happened? 

BIKINI is what happened – writer smiles  Now I would start by saying that “I am not against ladies using bikini 👙, moreover who talks about guys showing off Abs”

No dressing Is bad. It depends on where you wear it. 

Wearing my underwear is OK in my room but not in class or church etc. I have to cover up my body. You can’t wear shorts and a T-shirt 👕 to a dinner party. We have to understand the events. 

So Jerry happened to stumble upon a photo of his old time crush (like his girlfriend was to me – writer smiles ) on Instagram – besides here is my handle Here🗼

On this photo, she was on a bikini – trust me when I say “she is hot” (quite unlike me right?).  Jerry saved the photo to his mobile device 📱. I believe his intentions were pure – maybe just for memories. But I guess he just liked it. I can’t upload the photo here for privacy reasons but click Here to see one of my good friend who cares less. She is a model and does it for her brand. People have different mindsets. 

His girlfriend on the other hand, often went with him to the beach with Jerry. She wore bikinis too sometimes but Jerry never took pictures of her. Like me, Jerry has gynocomastia, so he does not pull off his 👕 T-shirt in public

So on this faithful day, they both went to the swimming pool. As usual, Jerry waits on the side patiently for his girlfriend to have fun. 

Women could be very possessive when they seem to care about someone 

This kinda look

She noticed him smiling as he stared at his phone. She wondered what he was smiling about. But she  overlooked it temporarily. So while he was driving her back home, she decided to go through his phone. Of course her birth year was his password (I still wonder why). She found no new text messages and no recent chat on facebook or whatsapp. 

But when she saw a new photo, she made him pool over and asked him why he had a sexually stimulating picture on his phone. “So you were looking at pornographic pictures ” she said. Without letting him explain, she walked out of the car and headed home ,but  decided to stop over at my house to report my friends case – lol I am now the inbetweener.

After she reported to me, I couldn’t talk much until I heard from my friend.

 So after I made a call across, I understood the situation. So I started my usual interview.

Our conversation 

George: Dear do you really love Jerry? 

Grace : You know I do (now she smiles

George: Having eased the tension I continued; Have you been to the beach before? 

Grace : Yes. Just that we decided to go to somewhere more private today. 

George : I see. Please dear If I may ask, what do you swim with? 

Grace : I have a swim dress. 

George : Is it the one you call bikini? 

Grace : Yes. It’s black. Why do you ask?( she gives me one look that sounds like “George what are you thinkingyou know some looks send a message right?)

Then I said to her

You see my dear, Jerry might have been wrong for having such a photo on his phone but I think you were wrong to have reacted that way without hearing him out. 

💡Have you wondered if people might have taken pictures of you there? 

💡What if it was your picture on his phone, would you still accuse him of watching pornography? I guess not . 

💡How come when Jerry visits you , you don’t dress that way to welcome him but you can appear on bikini before him outside? Don’t you think he respects your body and dignity enough not to take pictures of you? 

Think about this questions and expect Jerry to call you soon. I feel he needs to explain somethings to you or at least apologize. But just be willing to forgive him. He is a good guy. 

Thank you for taking time to read this story. So I would like to ask you dear reader; 

1. Did I say your mind In anyway? 

2. Is it OK to share pictures of your six pacs (Guys) and Bikini 👙 (Ladies ) to on social media? 

3. Was it wrong for Jerry to save the photo? 

4. Was Graces Reaction Right? 

 Your comments are welcome .


2 thoughts on “Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? ”

  1. I don’t know about whether taking pictures in your bikini is pornography …i think it’s like what type of bikini is it? Something that leaves nothing to the imagination? I don’t know though but I love the way you handled things.
    It means you didn’t just rush into things. I really like the wisdom you applied.


    1. Indeed I had to apply wisdom. If there was anything personal, I might have judged my friend wrongly.

      You mentioned the kind of bikini. Actually, I dropped a link to that. It’s the pants and bra bikini. More like the emoji 👙. I know there are overall ones. But if you went on google to type in the word bikini, the most you would see are what I refer to.

      I appreciate your comment dear. But is it OK to share such pictures on social media? What’s your take?


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