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There is no Victory without a War

Why would you claim a victory when you haven’t tasted war? Jesus would let you pass through the fire 🔥 but he would be there with you. You can walk through the Vally of the shadow of death and fear no Evil because he is with you always till the end of time. 

The “name it and claim it ideology” has blinded too many Christians to the truth of the cross. 

People no longer carry their cross to follow Jesus. They prefer a crossless life of no pain, worry or hardship. 

This isn’t going to be a long one as usual. I just want to remind us that the life of a Christian is the life of the cross. The devil offered Him a crossless life by tempting him, but he choose to cross instead. 

Do not be  deceived by the crossless Christianity ideology being preached today. There is no victory without a war. We keep fighting the fight of faith  every hour. The devil seeks to control our minds but Jesus is our strength. 

Fix your gaze on him always. He understands our weaknesses.

1 John 1:2 says ” … he is the one who is eternal life”

Death” in the language of the Bible simply means “separation“. So when we die physically, there is a separation from this world and when people (not me) go to hell, they experience the eternal death. Ref — Revelation 20:14

Eternal life is not a place but a person. When you have him, you have legal permission into his state and place. 

Thank you for reading and remember to share with your friends — this insight.


3 thoughts on “There is no Victory without a War”

  1. First – great reminder! Second – I laughed at the (not me) part because I tend to feel the same way when speaking about hell…that’s not my eternity! Amen thank you Jesus we know where we are going, let us help others accept you continuallY!

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