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Will All Christians Be In Heaven?

“Anyone who does not remain in me is thrown away like a useless branch and withers. Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned ” John 15:6.

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What answers should you expect from reading this article? (1) How to meditate on scriptures (2) Is once saved always saved? (3) How can one remain in Christ? (4) What does it mean to be fruitful as a Christian? (5) Can unbelievers be fruitful even when they are not in Christ? (6) Will every Christian certainly go to heaven? (7) What happens to aborted babies and mentally deranged people who die? (8) Any similarity between the Jesus of Christianity and Islam?  (9) How to get anything you want from God when you pray and many more. 

Reading the very words of Jesus Christ  in red letters gets to the core mind of God even as I believe that all of scripture Is of the inspiration of God — 2Timothy 3:16. The study of the book of John (chapter 15), reminds me of my past as a seminarian – when farming was a usual activity. I personally do not rush over scripture when I study because meditation – pondering on the word, is when scriptures come alive in our spirit. That is when the transformative power of the word of God comes.Meditation is likened to a cattle chewing its cud. If you know how to worry, then you have no problem with meditation.

For the sake of consistency, I am sticking to the NEW LIVING TRANSLATION (NLT)  of the Bible as I expound on the aforementioned topic. One good way to meditate on scriptures is when we ask questions and try to answer them by His Inspiration — you can, if his spirit dwells In you.

Join me as we look at certain questions together. And  also feel free to add your opinion or correct me where you feel I am wrong — using the comments section . I am always humbled to learn. 

It is important to note that this chapter of scripture In no way negates the truth about the Trinity (1 John 5:7). Jesus uses this allegory to explain the essence of fruitfulness and fellowship with God. 
Every serious farmer pays great attention to his farm. Just like a farmer, a gardener serves a unique purpose of ensuring the fruitfulness Of his crops. 

Jesus represented as the vine expresses how much the attention of the fathers attention is in him. Knowing Jesus as the only begotten son of God, I could infer that He – the Father, has only one vine to care for amongst other plant. Grapevines really grow big and wide. The land where the garden is planted signifies the presence of God – the gardener. So being a branch in the vine is essential to being in his abode. 

Every living being (Genesis 1:27) has the eternal spirit of God which is his life-giving power. 

When Jesus died on the cross, he died for the Whole of humanity which gives us the right to be identified in him as a result of our salvation. If all of humanity had been chosen in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the word as we read in Ephesians 1, that means it’s only a matter of accepting his lordship and thus sprouting out as a branch. This is why I believe that when those who have not reached the level of accountability die, they go to heaven. People like ; Aborted Babies, Children, mentally deranged persons etc who could not have the opportunity of acknowledging the truth about salvation.

A saved person springs up as a branch in the grapevine and then starts to grow.

So automatically at salvation, you sit in heavenly places—in his presence. But does this mean every Christian will certainly go to heaven?  Let’s find out more.

Verse 5 answers the question of who the branch is when it says “…you are the branches“. The use of the word “mine” when Jesus says “…every branch of mine that bears no fruit is cut off… “, implies that ;

Every professing Christian to the lordship of Jesus Christ – fruitful or not, belongs to Christ – the grapevine.

Why then would some branches that belong to Christ be cut off? Although the answer to this is obviously stated, this is the one reason among many why I do not believe in the “once saved always saved” doctrineI believe “once saved will always be saved if thou endures to the end”. I wouldn’t dwell on this subject now but will discuss it in my next article. Many are misled by the hyper-grace doctrine that believes that once you are a Christian, you are a citizen of heaven (fruitful or not). 

Remember, Satan was a citizen of heaven and he was kicked out.

The People who will  shout Lord! Lord! as told by Jesus in Matthew 7, will do so  from the presence of God and were not unbelievers. They were believers who genuinely worked miracles in the name of Jesus (why would they lie to Jesus himself?). But Jesus says he never knew them. You might be interested in my previous article titled “Spiritually gifted but In hell. Why?

We are not known by His gifts but by our fruit.

If you had a plant you watered everyday for years (like a believer being preached to always) but does not produce fruit , What would be the use of keeping it? We would come to how one can be fruitful. But before I continue I would like to point out the two kinds of pruning done by God. There is the “cut back” and “cut off”. Fruitful Christians are often cut back to strengthen their character by way of discipline or impression in their spirit.

God is not in a haste to cut off fruitless Christians because he is slow to anger and abounding in love.

Please do not question your salvation if there exist sin in your life. Christians still sin. To cut off a branch could imply physical death (Ananias and Sapphira) or what would happen in the last Day when many (believers) would cry Lord Lord but will be casted out of the Lords presence — Matthew 7.

Notice that the word used is not plural but singular — “Fruit“. That is something I would leave you to think about. The key to all the characteristics of a fruitful life is Love. Being fruitful is not limited to soul winning. Galatians 5:22-24 and 2 Peter 1:5-8 describe additional qualities of a Christian.

Let me try to expound more on the subject of fruit bearing. You would agree with me that nothing actually draws the attention of any person to a tree or plant except for its fruit or what is useful in it. What would make me climb a coconut tree 🌲 —  to the top when I see clearly that no fruit  is there?  That would be foolishness.

Even Eve is said to have found the fruit pleasant to the eyes. Would the world be this way If there was no fruit on the tree? 

Please I would like us to know that we are saved by grace through faith and not of ourselves so no one can boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). I would futher say that if you read the following verse — verse 10 , you would find out why we are created in Christ Jesus.  It is to do good works which God had prepared in advance for us to do. 

Since sin entered the world — and not just the nature of man, man could not do good works but live in rebellion against God. But through salvation, we have the Holy Spirit , whom Jesus promised will be with us in his physical absence , to guide us into exhibiting the good works we were created in Christ for. For as many allow themselves to be led by the Spirit of God, are the sons of God.

You cannot be fruitful without following the leading of the Holy Spirit. That is the most important fellowship a Christian should be in after salvation.

The Bible makes us understand that love covers a multitude of sin. This is evidenced by the death of my Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the Father’s Love, Jesus died for our sins. 

⛪For one to be fruitful, filtering every of our actions in love is key. 

💡Have you wondered why of all the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, Love is most important? Do you know that without love, one can be operating in great spiritual gifts like healing and still be wicked in God’s sight? — Such people merchandise the gifts of God. Haven’t you heard of people who pay millions to be healed of a disease by a Man of God? 

Such people could be the ones Jesus talked about in Matthew 7 who were casted out despite their many wonders in the name of Jesus.  It is true the gifts of God she without repentance but how we walk in them is important. 

God confirms his WORD with signs and wonders not any preacher. It is our choice to make ourselves vessels into his honor.

Salvation is a gift that should lunch us into good works. What we do with our life matters more now. Isn’t faith without works dead? 

 If you read Galatians 5:21-25, you would notice that the first fruit mentioned is Love. All other components of the fruit mentioned like; kindness, gentleness, self-control etc are rooted in love — either for your neighbor or for God Almighty. If I am going for soul winning, it should be because I love the Unsaved world like Jesus and that I love God.

💡 Remember who God is. He is love.

This days, there is more of membership winning than soul winning.

This means that moment when the aim is to convert (if I can use this word), Christians in other dominations or factions ( which you know quite well)  to start attending your church. I literally heard a Pastor accuse another Pastor or stealing his members. 

😐Does this mean the church denomination  you belong to defines your eternity? Maybe you should tell me.

Jesus said to his disciples that they have already been pruned and purified by the message he has given them — John 15:3. The same message given to the disciples is what we have in the Holy Bible. When one is saved, the spirit is regenerated but the person — as long as he lives needs to grow in Christ. This is why when we read 1 John, we notice we have 3 categories of believers — Youths, Matured and Children. They are all growth stages. There is need for the mind to be renewed with the word of God. 

Now that you are a Christian, it is time to learn and live the Christian life taught in the Bible.

If not, we might still be living in spiritual darkness when we have decided to follow the way, the truth and the life. We do not automatically stop sinful habits when we confessed Christ, but we should rather grow out of them as we get informed and transformed by the living word of God. That is when we can be fruitful — living by the word. So we cannot do it on our own. 

📌 Let’s allow the word of God to prune and Purify us as we believe and practice it.

The only way we can be fruitful  is if we remain in Christ. The word “remain” is very significant. It’s similar to when the Bible says “…they that endure to the end shall be saved…” It surprised me to find out that in my Bible (New Living Translation), where Jesus teaches about the Vine and the branches — which is my main text,  the word “Remain” is repeated up to nine Times. That is very significant. 

There is need to read the Bible carefully. The first mandate is “remain in me..” This is similar to when the Bible says “…draw near unto me and I will draw unto you…” Jesus has done the needful by dying for us. The world has been invited into a fellowship with God.

If we have decided to follow Jesus in salvation, then we should actually do.

A Christian cannot be fruitful unless he/she remains in Jesus Christ. But there is a place of willingness. When we become Christians, we are not regenerated into robotic Christians — where we have no will of our own. We have to decide to let the Spirit of God lead us. “…as many are led by the spirit of God, they are sons and daughters of God” that means it’s our duty to follow. No one forces us. 

I would like to add that even unbelievers or Non-Christians to be precise, who are hungry for God, but do not know the way to and truth about him, are still cherished by God. Jesus died for all of humanity.  But like the centurion in Acts 10, God makes a way for unbelievers to hear the truth (John 1:17) and accept. Although I have Muslim friends who often say “You can’t be a Muslim if you don’t believe in Jesus”, I often refute this in a kind way.

The Jesus of Islam did not die on the  cross but was misrepresented by Judas but the Jesus of Christianity died for the world. 

The heart of Christianity is Christ. Just like we have in the teaching of Jesus, the gardener wouldn’t be pruning any branch except it is in the Vine. But because he loves the world and his creation, those who diligently seek him will find him (Hebrews 11:6). I hear of stories of non-christians having revelations of Jesus Christ and have turned to the faith while believers like me long for such spiritual experiences. Indeed our God is mysterious. It now takes God himself to show people the way. What are we Christians doing? 

Finally I would like to share with us what it means to remain in Christ & the benefits of remaining in Christ

Here are the Benefits of Remaining in Christ.

📌 Being in fellowship with Christ helps us become fruitful like anyone in union with him should be. (John 15:4)

📌 Remaining In Christ saves us from being burned in hell. (John 15:6)

📌 As our fruitfulness brings Joy to the father, remaining In Jesus makes our prayers effective. Thus, anything we ask of God would be granted. (John 15:7-8).

Indeed there are a lot of truths from my study of scripture I would love to share about .  But I believe you might have learnt one or two things from this article. Feel free to ask your questions or correct me if need be. I also would like to learn from you. 

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Thank you for reading. If you loved this insight, you can kindly share with your friends.


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