How I Got To The Peoples Republic Of China.

I have been away from blogging for a month now. Indeed I am impressed by my stats of visitors-whom I think  love the things I share and probably looked out for new godly insights. Anyway I have good news for you. I have not been dormant either. Indeed I have been studying the scriptures and I have made uncommon findings I would share in later blog post. But If you do not mind, this article is about my journey to The Peoples Republic China. Hence, you would be reading chronologically about; 

1. How I was scammed by my childhood friend currently in China.

2. How I found out of the scam.

3. How I got admitted.

4. How I got my Visa in Abuja

5. My plans for going to China .

I want to start by thanking you for clicking on my blog link. Indeed I promise my articles are revealing and interesting. So here comes the answer to the big question of “How were you scammed?”. Like some would normally say “it’s a long story”. But I am making mine as short as possible – not excluding the important details for your reading pleasure.

The Scam

Alright, if you have been a follower of this wonderful blog, you should know by now that I am an X-SEMINARIAN ( it means nothing more than the fact that I am a catholic and I grew up in the seminary ). In the seminary, I had a friend from a tribe different from mine. Back in the day – as till now, I have been quite social and had lots of great buddies – like this guy currently in The People’s Republic of China – as a degree student ( I learnt you don’t just say  “China” at some points but add “The Peoples Republic” – anyway that’s by the way). 

This childhood friend in China posted a facebook update informing his friends of the availability of certain scholarship awards and I happened to see my interested course of study for a Master’s degree  in Business Administration (MBA). So I contacted him. Being an old friend, I didn’t think he could be fraud maybe because he was a seminarian (never judge people by their associations or appearance. Just follow your instincts and be like Thomas at times by believing what you observe). 

So I sent him my degree cert, transcript and other documents with some money to process the award. Such scholarships are usually given to students from developing countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan etc. You could apply for it yourself, but there is quite some protocols. So people decide to use trusted agents who deliver at a fee. I knew friends who have benefited from this scheme, but is not easy.

So I received emails in the name of the school – although I noticed it was not the schools official email address (Chinese do not use either Gmail or Yahoomail as is common in other countries) . The sender claimed I had been admitted. I was even given an index number already. But as we both know, if you do not have an admission letter from any tertiary institution, you are not recognized as a prospective student yet. So I waited from April 2017 to September 2017 for my friend to send me my documents so I can process my VISA. Being a scam, nothing happened. I was still chatting with  him, who kept giving me believable stories as to why I had not yet received my documents. 

Being a bit skeptical,  I asked to see the scanned copy at a point. Then he claimed he had sent it to me via DHL already (Just for the record, DHL does not deliver within China). THE DECEPTION THEN WENT TO ANOTHER LEVEL. 

He was so smart when he used bulk SMS to send a message to my line – as if it was DHL, saying I should come to a location beyond my locality to get my parcel of documents.  Wow! I was like “finally” – but it was risky too. But guess what, the address was not the location of any DHL branch in that locality.  I almost ran a blood pressure – I really had enough of it. This was when my eyes opened to the reality of my instincts and I knew I was not dealing with an assumed Christian brother but a scam artist and a smart one too. As someone familiar with the internet, I went on a research to prove to him that he is a scam before requesting for my money.

I went on facebook and found a Pakistan guy who is schooling in the same university who’s name he used to scam me. Within 30mins we became friends – while chatting and he decided to help me get to the root of the matter. But first, he linked me to the international students president who happened to be Nigerian (Indeed I am proud of some Nigerians). So the new Nigerian brother I never knew – personally, helped me find out if I was actually admitted or got a scholarship. Guess what we found out. The school does not offer scholarships and my name does not exist in the admissions office as a prospective student.

The next step was to confront my friend – the scam artist. Indeed he applauded me for my smartness but did not want to admit he actually pulled off a scam. Already, I hadn’t given  him the full fee we agreed. So when I threatened to tell his family back here in Nigeria ( we actually go to the same church), then he decided to transfer every penny I paid him. He left me with these words 

“If I wanted to really scam you, that money is not my worth. But since you say it’s a scam, you can have your money back”.

MY TIME WAS WASTED BUT I GOT SMARTER. I forgot to mention that my graduating class has a whatsapp group we are both part of. And I got to find out I was not the only victim of his scam. One other victim of his scam has not been paid back. So sorry he fell for it too. 

He betrayed those who saw him as family.

How I got my Admission

Indeed like I believe, in every setback there is always a setforward (if there be a word like that)  to a new direction and ways to achieve your dream. I decided not to look for a scholarship scheme anymore since my parents were willing to sponsor me now. I had to trust someone I have never met or seen before (the new Nigerian brother) , to help me in my quest. He did that perfectly as a fee but got me a genuine admission for my master’s degree before he graduated to another school over there for his Masters too. 

How I got my Visa

Unlike my friend who deceived me with the DHL bulk sms, I received my school documents in a short while and headed for Abuja for my Visa Formalities. This is the point where I would advise persons  who want to get their Chinese visa themselves to go to Abuja instead. Although there is a formal due process, the main catch is that if you have your complete documents you do not need an agent for anything. While my friends went to Lagos and paid about  150k plus to agents, I spent less than 60k  to do it myself in Abuja.

The workers in the embassy were very helpful with the requirements and how to get them. Although they expect some tip from you, it is at your discretion to reward them. 

Surprisingly, I was not asked any question during my interview. The Chinese lady just looked at my documents and told me to come back for my visa in 4 working days. No one was rejected Visa that day. Everything is just formal in the Federal Capital Territory. Thank you Jesus. 

My Plans

Someone was like, “of all countries to go to, you decided to go to China? A non-Christian country for that matter?”   Indeed it is true China is a communist country and does not generally believe in religion like other countries. Unlike my country where you can find 30 churches on one street alone, sometimes I wonder if they are shops or churches. But anyway, what matters is our personal relationship with God, aside the usual churchy acting , God sees our hearts.

I plan to go into importation business in China. I already have a choice of commodity. I plan to build a brand and get a company in china to produce my commodity of interest for me while I establish and sell them in the largest market in Africa – Nigeria and beyond. 

China is said to have a cheaper cost of labour and are quite innovative aside the fact that they are serious copy cats, doing business with a company in China could be quit profiting. But I do not know yet till I start my survey, But I know I cannot do this alone. So I need to create good connections with business minded people in Nigeria too. 

I do not really know much about what would really move fast in Nigeria. That is why I keep praying to my  Father whom I believe (and am serious) will show me either in a vision or a dream how to go about my business plans. The bible makes me understand that “we make out plans but God directs our paths” – Proverbs. So far in my life, I have had dreams of seeing myself preaching and impacting lives as a public speaker in front of large audiences. But when I look at my background as a Catholic (by association) , I know I am not called into priesthood or pastoring either. And I know God isn’t showing me that I have to open a church or something because he has not told me he wants to use me in that aspect. But I see my dreams to be that, I will be that one great successful business man that is forever proud he made his money God’s way and preaches about the importance of being in a relationship with God as a map to having GOOD SUCCESS. 

Sometimes I imagine if one man I respect to much for his wisdom (Dangote) was a Christian. If such a powerful man (financially) taught about the grace of my Lord Jesus in his life, many souls could be drawn to the knowledge of God. Bloggers like me could term him as an INFLUENCER… In fact this is what every Christian is called to in this world. We are called to be influencers as we carry the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world. I know I am in a country that may not really believe in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but I shall ever remain a light and salt anywhere I find myself in China.

Please pray for me and be expecting to read my next mind-blowing biblical insight. God bless you.

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2 thoughts on “How I Got To The Peoples Republic Of China.”

  1. I don’t know why I’m just seeing this now… But I really do wish you well.. I pray God guides you. I pray lines will fall in pleasant places for you. Sorry about you scammer friend. It just shows how petty people can get for things that do not really matter.
    God be with you on your way up… ❤


  2. Congratulations on your successful admission. This was such a wonderful read with life lessons to live by. May the peace of God that transcends all understanding keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
    P.s. I’m tapping from this wonderful testimony. Once again congratulations!


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