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Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

"Are bikini photos pornographic?..." Jerry asked his girlfriend. So over the week, Jerry's girlfriend who happened to be my one time crush back in the day (though I never summed up courage to tell her), came to complain about Jerry to me. Jerry is one of those Christians who would say "... I really love this… Continue reading Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

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The Scars of Life 

Some scars won't  come off no matter the lotion I apply. I have learned to use makeup - so no one asks why. We have to cover up some parts of our life.                                           Jane.… Continue reading The Scars of Life 

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Tattooed Character 

A magazine once published a striking and interesting article on the strange fashion in some circles, even among very well-to-do persons, of tattooing the body. Instances are given of famous paintings being tattooed on the backs of persons.  Salvation regenerates your spirit. Growing in the word transform your Soul (mind, will and emotions). Living by… Continue reading Tattooed Character 

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A Child’s Heart 💕

Certain little incidents that find casual record, reveal his relation to the children in the happiest way; such as this, while they sat one evening at supper. For when one of the boys had said the pious grace, "Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and bless what Thou hast provided," a little fellow looked up,… Continue reading A Child’s Heart 💕

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The Sheep In Court

A man in India was arraigned for stealing a lamb. He was brought before the judge, and the supposed owner of the lamb was also present. Both of these men claimed the lamb, and had witnesses to prove their claim, so that it was difficult for the judge to decide to which the lamb belonged. … Continue reading The Sheep In Court

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The Tongue—The Best and Worst 

💡​Xanthus, the philosopher, once told his servant that the next day he was going to have some friends for dinner and that he should get the best thing he could find in the market.  📌 If this is your first time visiting my blog, I say a big welcome to you. My name is Gentle_George… Continue reading The Tongue—The Best and Worst 

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Why Men Desire To Rule Over Women In Marriage 🔓

💡​To the woman he said, “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you" - I will talk about the Child bearing part in a future article . Just like the popular John 3:16 verse… Continue reading Why Men Desire To Rule Over Women In Marriage 🔓

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My Temptation 🔞

"Everyone has a story or two about their struggles.  I wish temptation was a tangible thing, so I could crush it once and for all. From being tempted to be a drunk to a porn addict and then to masturbation, which will then result in a promiscuous lifestyle. I have been fighting this and many more.… Continue reading My Temptation 🔞

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Why Choose Voodoo? 💰

I Am glad to have you read this insight. But before I get to the reason why you clicked on this link, just a little exposition about me. Blogging has really been a great hubby for me in recent times. A lot of persons blog for different reasons but I blog because of my passion… Continue reading Why Choose Voodoo? 💰

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The Dilemma of Time and Faith 👳

Then I said "God has been in heaven laughing seriously a times and here you are, thinking he has one strict face 😠 with a pen and paper noting down your wrongs" 😀. LOL... Don't crucify me yet till you are done reading. Then you can understand why I have that mindset. So read on😉… Continue reading The Dilemma of Time and Faith 👳