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The Bible Is Funny💕 – The Story 

Every second spent reading the Bible is an investment because, how informed you are defines how transformed you can be.  ​Have you ever had that moment when you just burst into serious laughter while reading the bible - persons around you could think you are crazy. How in earth could the Bible be funny?. Okay!… Continue reading The Bible Is Funny💕 – The Story 

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Before I Propose 💍 – The Facts .

My dear elder sister, If you are reading this article, I wish you the best in your marriage. I still remember how we were in Ghana - best siblings ever 😀. Welcome dear reader, to the continuation of my recent 💡Article  about  marrying from your tribe. This is a familiar concept in Africa - I sincerely do… Continue reading Before I Propose 💍 – The Facts .

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My Temptation 🔞

"Everyone has a story or two about their struggles.  I wish temptation was a tangible thing, so I could crush it once and for all. From being tempted to be a drunk to a porn addict and then to masturbation, which will then result in a promiscuous lifestyle. I have been fighting this and many more.… Continue reading My Temptation 🔞

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Who Created God? 

To be sincere, this is one of the most mind troubling question an atheist had asked me. But seriously I was mute. I used to believe in the "Big Bang theory" due to the books I grew up exposed to. I always believed everything needed a logical explanation too. Not like I was In atheist,… Continue reading Who Created God? 

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Why Head For Canaan?🌏

If this is your first time visiting this blog, a big welcome to you from me - smiles.  I do what I do because it is what I love - sharing godly wisdom. So If you don't want to miss my future insights from the Bible and about Life generally, kindy subscribe or like my facebook page… Continue reading Why Head For Canaan?🌏

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Love Is Not Blind💕

As at a year ago, I believed the above statement without any doubt until I had one of those Eureka moments. The subject of love is just so vast that I cannot comprehend . As I study my Bible I get to learn more. Sometimes, we are only able to look at it from just… Continue reading Love Is Not Blind💕

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Who Is Your Spiritual Father?🎅

I have seen persons in the Pentecostal circle use this scripture against the Catholics because of the use of the exact word "Father". Yes they have a point because they follow the scriptures literally. But come to think of it, when the General Overseers - especially in Africa, are refered to as PAPA & MAMA… Continue reading Who Is Your Spiritual Father?🎅

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The Dilemma of Time and Faith 👳

Then I said "God has been in heaven laughing seriously a times and here you are, thinking he has one strict face 😠 with a pen and paper noting down your wrongs" 😀. LOL... Don't crucify me yet till you are done reading. Then you can understand why I have that mindset. So read on😉… Continue reading The Dilemma of Time and Faith 👳

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Why Veil For The Wedding?🎅

"Decent women did not have to cover their faces, the ones that covered their faces were the prostitutes..." what a statement! Would you like to find out why?😊 Hello Dear , indeed I must say a big welcome to you. This is another exciting and transforming revelation from the best book on planet earth for eons… Continue reading Why Veil For The Wedding?🎅

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Spiritually Gifted, But in Hell. Why?

Welcome to the blog where godly minds meet and learn from one another . Sharing godly wisdom has always been my passion. Indeed what you are about to read could trouble your mind. But DON'T settle for what I believe but study the scriptures yourself to know.  I believe you might have come across the… Continue reading Spiritually Gifted, But in Hell. Why?