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How True Is Okafor’s Law? 

Okafor's Law states that "once a man has had a woman, he can have her again at any time." So if you have been involved in a relationship with a girl for over a period of time and you did a great job, in and out of the bedroom(mostly in), the belief is that you… Continue reading How True Is Okafor’s Law? 

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Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

"Are bikini photos pornographic?..." Jerry asked his girlfriend. So over the week, Jerry's girlfriend who happened to be my one time crush back in the day (though I never summed up courage to tell her), came to complain about Jerry to me. Jerry is one of those Christians who would say "... I really love this… Continue reading Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

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"I love this world but Jesus Is bae... " that's what she said when I asked her to choose between THE WORD and THE WORLD. Every Christian probably knows who THE WORD represents. And I guess you know about my funny love life already. You may not really be a religious person but I would love to… Continue reading I REALLY LOVE THIS WORLD. 

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Tattooed Character 

A magazine once published a striking and interesting article on the strange fashion in some circles, even among very well-to-do persons, of tattooing the body. Instances are given of famous paintings being tattooed on the backs of persons.  Salvation regenerates your spirit. Growing in the word transform your Soul (mind, will and emotions). Living by… Continue reading Tattooed Character 

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A Child’s Heart 💕

Certain little incidents that find casual record, reveal his relation to the children in the happiest way; such as this, while they sat one evening at supper. For when one of the boys had said the pious grace, "Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and bless what Thou hast provided," a little fellow looked up,… Continue reading A Child’s Heart 💕

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The Sheep In Court

A man in India was arraigned for stealing a lamb. He was brought before the judge, and the supposed owner of the lamb was also present. Both of these men claimed the lamb, and had witnesses to prove their claim, so that it was difficult for the judge to decide to which the lamb belonged. … Continue reading The Sheep In Court

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Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝

Early one morning the doorbell rang at a pastor's home. There stood a young man, half drunk, in despair, at the end of his own rope. If ever there was a life on the way to shipwreck in a storm of his own creating, it was this young man's. His wife, too, had come through… Continue reading Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝

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The Perplexed Skeptic 

A young skeptic said to an elderly lady, "I once believed there was a God, but now, since studying philosophy and mathematics, I am convinced that God is but an empty word." "Well," said the lady, "I have not studied such things, but since you have, can you tell me where this egg comes from?"… Continue reading The Perplexed Skeptic 

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The Tongue—The Best and Worst 

💡​Xanthus, the philosopher, once told his servant that the next day he was going to have some friends for dinner and that he should get the best thing he could find in the market.  📌 If this is your first time visiting my blog, I say a big welcome to you. My name is Gentle_George… Continue reading The Tongue—The Best and Worst 

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A Disappointed Mother – The Story 📝

Somewhere in Africa, a widow whose children had left her one by one to go to the "new country" (as she called it) heard each of them promise to save money and to send for her "very soon." Time passed; the children married and had children, but no mention came of sending for the old… Continue reading A Disappointed Mother – The Story 📝