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I was nominated for ‘The Mystery Blogger Award’ by Lady Zizy! Huge thanks to her for nominating me and considering me worthy enough to be awarded with this! I’ve been following her blog for a while. She writes in such a way that it seems like her story but sometimes its actually not. I can relate to almost… Continue reading THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD!

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"I love this world but Jesus Is bae... " that's what she said when I asked her to choose between THE WORD and THE WORLD. Every Christian probably knows who THE WORD represents. And I guess you know about my funny love life already. You may not really be a religious person but I would love to… Continue reading I REALLY LOVE THIS WORLD. 

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Tattooed Character 

A magazine once published a striking and interesting article on the strange fashion in some circles, even among very well-to-do persons, of tattooing the body. Instances are given of famous paintings being tattooed on the backs of persons.  Salvation regenerates your spirit. Growing in the word transform your Soul (mind, will and emotions). Living by… Continue reading Tattooed Character 

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A Child’s Heart 💕

Certain little incidents that find casual record, reveal his relation to the children in the happiest way; such as this, while they sat one evening at supper. For when one of the boys had said the pious grace, "Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and bless what Thou hast provided," a little fellow looked up,… Continue reading A Child’s Heart 💕

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The Sheep In Court

A man in India was arraigned for stealing a lamb. He was brought before the judge, and the supposed owner of the lamb was also present. Both of these men claimed the lamb, and had witnesses to prove their claim, so that it was difficult for the judge to decide to which the lamb belonged. … Continue reading The Sheep In Court

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The Communion of Saints 

Getting to the end of the First Part 💡 on my new series about  the visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh ( 1888 - 1929 ), I made mention of his encounter with the Maharishi of Mt. Kaulash. 😁I know none of the names  seen in bold above makes sense to you. Besides you might wonder what kind of… Continue reading The Communion of Saints 



💡LIFE There is only one source of life -  an infinite and almighty life, whose creative power gave life to all living things.  All creatures live in him and in him will they remain forever. Again, this life created a numerable other lives different in kind, and in the stages of their progress, man is… Continue reading VISION OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD – LIFE AND DEATH(1) 

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Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝

Early one morning the doorbell rang at a pastor's home. There stood a young man, half drunk, in despair, at the end of his own rope. If ever there was a life on the way to shipwreck in a storm of his own creating, it was this young man's. His wife, too, had come through… Continue reading Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝

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The Perplexed Skeptic 

A young skeptic said to an elderly lady, "I once believed there was a God, but now, since studying philosophy and mathematics, I am convinced that God is but an empty word." "Well," said the lady, "I have not studied such things, but since you have, can you tell me where this egg comes from?"… Continue reading The Perplexed Skeptic