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The Scars of Life 

Some scars won't  come off no matter the lotion I apply. I have learned to use makeup - so no one asks why. We have to cover up some parts of our life.                                           Jane.… Continue reading The Scars of Life 

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Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝

Early one morning the doorbell rang at a pastor's home. There stood a young man, half drunk, in despair, at the end of his own rope. If ever there was a life on the way to shipwreck in a storm of his own creating, it was this young man's. His wife, too, had come through… Continue reading Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝

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Who Created God? 

To be sincere, this is one of the most mind troubling question an atheist had asked me. But seriously I was mute. I used to believe in the "Big Bang theory" due to the books I grew up exposed to. I always believed everything needed a logical explanation too. Not like I was In atheist,… Continue reading Who Created God? 

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Why Head For Canaan?🌏

If this is your first time visiting this blog, a big welcome to you from me - smiles.  I do what I do because it is what I love - sharing godly wisdom. So If you don't want to miss my future insights from the Bible and about Life generally, kindy subscribe or like my facebook page… Continue reading Why Head For Canaan?🌏

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Love Is Not Blind💕

As at a year ago, I believed the above statement without any doubt until I had one of those Eureka moments. The subject of love is just so vast that I cannot comprehend . As I study my Bible I get to learn more. Sometimes, we are only able to look at it from just… Continue reading Love Is Not Blind💕