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There is no Victory without a War

Why would you claim a victory when you haven't tasted war? Jesus would let you pass through the fire 🔥 but he would be there with you. You can walk through the Vally of the shadow of death and fear no Evil because he is with you always till the end of time.  The "name… Continue reading There is no Victory without a War

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Five Questions Christians Should Be Able To Answer

Have you been asked questions like; what is eternal life? Can a Christian sin? Is confessimg our sins necessary even as we are declared righteous? Such questions seem to have contradicting answers among Christians but I would try to simplify the answer from scripture.  ​The book of first John was written for the purpose of… Continue reading Five Questions Christians Should Be Able To Answer

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Growing Old – The Mystery ⏰

Some elderly Christians tend to be thoughtful, kind, patient and loving. Through years of imitating Christ they have grown more and more into his image. Physical health may be failing, or the eyesight growing dim, the hearing failing, but there is no reason to lose heart. Why?  💡"The inner nature is being renewed every day."… Continue reading Growing Old – The Mystery ⏰