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Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

"Are bikini photos pornographic?..." Jerry asked his girlfriend. So over the week, Jerry's girlfriend who happened to be my one time crush back in the day (though I never summed up courage to tell her), came to complain about Jerry to me. Jerry is one of those Christians who would say "... I really love this… Continue reading Are Bikini Photos Pornographic? 

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Tattooed Character 

A magazine once published a striking and interesting article on the strange fashion in some circles, even among very well-to-do persons, of tattooing the body. Instances are given of famous paintings being tattooed on the backs of persons.  Salvation regenerates your spirit. Growing in the word transform your Soul (mind, will and emotions). Living by… Continue reading Tattooed Character 

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Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝

Early one morning the doorbell rang at a pastor's home. There stood a young man, half drunk, in despair, at the end of his own rope. If ever there was a life on the way to shipwreck in a storm of his own creating, it was this young man's. His wife, too, had come through… Continue reading Purpose of The Storms – The Insight 📝