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The Perplexed Skeptic 

A young skeptic said to an elderly lady, "I once believed there was a God, but now, since studying philosophy and mathematics, I am convinced that God is but an empty word." "Well," said the lady, "I have not studied such things, but since you have, can you tell me where this egg comes from?"… Continue reading The Perplexed Skeptic 

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Who Created God? 

To be sincere, this is one of the most mind troubling question an atheist had asked me. But seriously I was mute. I used to believe in the "Big Bang theory" due to the books I grew up exposed to. I always believed everything needed a logical explanation too. Not like I was In atheist,… Continue reading Who Created God? 

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Who Is Your Spiritual Father?🎅

I have seen persons in the Pentecostal circle use this scripture against the Catholics because of the use of the exact word "Father". Yes they have a point because they follow the scriptures literally. But come to think of it, when the General Overseers - especially in Africa, are refered to as PAPA & MAMA… Continue reading Who Is Your Spiritual Father?🎅

Christian Hedonism 😇

Why I Am A Christian Hedonist

Welcome to my blog which is solely aimed at building godly minds as it expounds on the word of God from the Holy Scriptures - The Bible. Today I would simply be sharing with you one of the reasons why I am a Christian Hedonist. I had no name for my belief system until I came… Continue reading Why I Am A Christian Hedonist

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The Dilemma of Time and Faith 👳

Then I said "God has been in heaven laughing seriously a times and here you are, thinking he has one strict face 😠 with a pen and paper noting down your wrongs" 😀. LOL... Don't crucify me yet till you are done reading. Then you can understand why I have that mindset. So read on😉… Continue reading The Dilemma of Time and Faith 👳