A SADHU'S LIFE⛪, Holy Spirit 👑, Love 💖

Spiritual Nourishment 

Once as I wandered in the mountains, I came upon an outcropping of rocks, and as I sat on the highest rock to rest and look out over the valley, I saw a nest in the branches.    Climbing down to look more closely, I saw that the newly hatched birds had not yet opened their eyes. Without even being able… Continue reading Spiritual Nourishment 

A SADHU'S LIFE⛪, Bible Study Revelations📖, Love 💖

The Communion of Saints 

Getting to the end of the First Part 💡 on my new series about  the visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh ( 1888 - 1929 ), I made mention of his encounter with the Maharishi of Mt. Kaulash. 😁I know none of the names  seen in bold above makes sense to you. Besides you might wonder what kind of… Continue reading The Communion of Saints