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The Scars of Life 

Some scars won't  come off no matter the lotion I apply. I have learned to use makeup - so no one asks why. We have to cover up some parts of our life.                                           Jane.… Continue reading The Scars of Life 

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The Tongue—The Best and Worst 

💡​Xanthus, the philosopher, once told his servant that the next day he was going to have some friends for dinner and that he should get the best thing he could find in the market.  📌 If this is your first time visiting my blog, I say a big welcome to you. My name is Gentle_George… Continue reading The Tongue—The Best and Worst 

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My Temptation 🔞

"Everyone has a story or two about their struggles.  But I  wish temptation was a tangible thing, so I could crush it once and for all. From being tempted to be a drunk, to a porn addict and then into masturbation, which will then result in a promiscuous lifestyle. I have been fighting this and many… Continue reading My Temptation 🔞