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Welcome to the only blog in Africa that builds godly minds. Yes I said ONLY (smiles).  It is yet another episode of the life of the two wonderful families in my compound. Incase you missed the first episode, you are a Click🔖 away from the preceeding Story. Anyway, Happy new month😀😀😀. In today's episode, I would… Continue reading WHY DID YOU INFECT ME?💔

Bible Study Revelations📖, Character & Discipline👳, Christian Hedonism 😇, Churches In Africa🏫, Love 💖, Wisdom 📖

Tackle Doctrines Not Pastors!

The battle line is drawn⛳. The quest for truth has began. To my fellow Christian brethren in the Body of Christ, it's time to grow personally in the Word📖 You see, the center of Christianity is Love😍. This goes beyond love for our fellow brethren but to the world in general. Just as we have… Continue reading Tackle Doctrines Not Pastors!