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The Untold Story About Mary.

Without speaking in tongues, I am sincerely sorry to shock you with an insight into what I feel is a missing piece in the story about the most revered woman in the bible. Mary the mother of Jesus (to be specific) is really a woman blessed among women. While some make this of no effect, by speaking of her merely as just opportune to be the mother of the Messiah, I believe God was intentional about her. So what is this missing story? let’s find out together.

Disclaimer: The following essay you are about to read is a product of the author’s subjective opinion and hence should be confirmed by the most reliable source of evidence – The Holy Bible.


As a Christian Hedonist (Who is a Christian Hedonist?), my ultimate pleasure is that the things I do daily is for God to be glorified. I do not have a denominational mindset but just a bible student.  So if you are a Christian, we are family in Christ Jesus. It is okay if you do not agree with some of my teachings and I know I have been wrong many times and still growing. Okay, enough about my insignificant self (writer smiles).

Stop reading this blog post right now and skim through Acts Chapter 1. If you have the time, just spend a few minutes to actually pay attention to the story. Done that? Good! Let’s continue. There is this general perception that the Pentecostal Christians have a certain charisma that makes the orthodox faithful sometimes despise them. On the other hand, we have the Pentecostals with the perception that the Orthodox Christians are just too religious and know nothing about the supernatural. And when the subject of Mary the mother of Jesus comes into the picture, the argument increases. Then we have the Jehovah Witnesses who seem to be from a totally different school of thought. From using a totally different bible to lots of theological differences. That’s how confused we have become in the name of theology and doctrines.

It might surprise you to know that the New World Translation version of the Bible is not on the PC Study Bible software as a recognized bible translation. Do you know why?

Have you ever heard it preached that Mary the mother of Jesus was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in unknown languages (I dislike the use of the word “Tongues” anyway – the real translation should be “languages”) – Acts 1:14? So we have “some” Orthodox Christians who sin by praying to Mary ( although I agree the “Hail Mary” wordings are from the bible), but do not believe in the gifting of the Holy Spirit – especially that of speaking in unknown languages in prayer. And we have Pentecostals who pray in the name of their church leaders which is also wrong. Instead of saying “May the God of my Lord Jesus Christ… do this or that”, it is rather “May the God of my Daddy or Mummy…”

Nowhere in the bible would you find an advice to trust any Human being. Not even in prayer should you do so. But you can trust Jesus Christ. Some church leaders have made money their God, would you want same?

Here is what I have noticed in Christianity. The Orthodox Christians are so religious that “most” have deep respect and desire to live by the righteous laws of God, but because they do not have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, it seems difficult. That is why they are so committed to the works of penances and confession to their church leaders – which isn’t wrong (confessing our sins to one another is biblical). But I do not believe “only” the Church leaders represent Jesus Christ – we all are ambassadors. But I am impressed with the understanding that God hates sin even as he is merciful. On the other hand, we have Pentecostals ( I still cannot call them protestants because now it seems they are copying the orthodox practices), they are so in tune with the “Gifts” of Holy Spirit that they forget he desires to enjoy the fruit of their lives as Christians. They speak in unknown languages and can even fly in the spirit but they lead really ungodly lives. Then we have the hyper-grace doctrine that belittles sin. Some even say “a Christian cannot sin” – heresy. Pentecostals focus so much on the gifts the Spirit freely gives but forget what he desires in return – Galatians 5:15-26. God knows us by our fruit and never by his gifts.

Your fruitfulness as a Christian is not dependent on you having the gifts of the Holy Spirit. All you need is a relationship with Him in the name of Jesus.

Because you can heal the sick, speak in unknown languages or prophesy, is not the ticket to heaven. God seeks what you produce in partnership with the Holy Spirit. While gifts are given and manifested in one’s life is “only” because of the benefit it is to the church, when we produce the fruit of the Spirit towards others in reverence to God, we reflect the life of Jesus Christ as true branches that bear fruits. You already know what happens to the unfruitful branches.


What have I been trying to say with this blog post about “not just” a verse of scripture?

1. Mary was not just an opportunist – as if she expected such favor. She is indeed blessed and highly favored as the bible says. Common! if you are not a virgin right now, you would probably say she deserved it. But it was all Gods plan. Have you ever wondered why Gods word came to her when she was engaged to be married and not after she was already married? The argument today would be that Joseph probably slept with her already. But because everyone knew the culture of the day, God was accurate with the timing. it is true Jesus had to come from the lineage of David. So why did he not come through other women that were married to the descendants of David? God knows best.

2. If I should be more specific, every Catholic should have a love for the Pentecostal brethren because of this fact. And instead of seeking a relationship with her in their minds, they should seek a relationship with the Holy Spirit in their heart because she had a relationship with him?

3. The Pentecostals need to rather seek to lead fruitful lives than desiring gifts with “sometimes” selfish motives and pray for the Orthodox brethren to have a deeper revelation of the Holy Spirit even though their “Sacrament of Confirmation” points to the Holy Spirit based on the church doctrine. How gifted we are is not a guarantee into heaven (Study Matthew 7:15-20).

I hope you had a great time reading this post. I do not get to share often in writing. But I will soon start a youtube channel where I would share what I believe. You would get to see my ugly face (writer smiles).

Would like to know the church I attend?

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I love you with the love of God.





1 thought on “The Untold Story About Mary.”

  1. Expository and very insightful..
    Was Mary also baptized with the Holy spirit because she always with the apostles and what’s the best version of the bible you’d recommend?


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